Shiho Yokokawa’s Flower Scenery

Shiho Yokokawa’s Flower Scenery


With the cooperation of professional photographer Toru Eto, the scene of Shiho Yokokawa’s “Nageire” will be posted in a column irregularly as “Flower Scenery of Shiho Yokokawa”.
We hope that you will enjoy it as much as possible as your home time.

TENPYODO Takashi.Imabayashi

Shiho Yokokawa

Flower:Chrysanthemum japonicum、Cocculus orbiculatus
Vase:Chimaki Bamboo Flower Basket

Chimaki Bamboo Flower Basket

Now that I spend more time at home in the corona, it is natural and gentle to have a favorite vase in the room, a pretty and beautiful wild flower to put in it, and a simple flower reminiscent of my hometown. I think you can spend a lot of time.

Just as the combination of food and dish is important, so is the combination of flowers and vase. Which vase should I put the single flower in my hand. It’s also fun to think while listening to the voice of the flower and the voice of the vase.

Shiho Yokokawa

Born in Tokyo.
Studied under Toshiro Kawase since 2005.
“Nageire Flower Class” is held in various places.
https://nageire.jimdofree.com/(External Link)