Sumi and Ogawa


“Sumi and Ogawa” has a store in the center of fukuoka’s nakasu area. It is a very popular restaurant that appeared like a comet in november 2022 and is already fully booked for about six months in advance. The owner, Kojiro Ogawa, trained at hyotei in kyoto, served as the head chef at a japanese restaurant in fukuoka, and has an illustrious career, winning the “BRONZE EGG” award at “RED U-35” in 2014. Mr. Ogawa’s meal courses are arranged in the style of a tea ceremony.

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This restaurant also has a full drink menu, including wine, and will pair you with alcohol that will go well with the food. The coupes are lined up from left to right:Rohan(Old -Baccarat), Guebwiller, and Thann(Rene Lallique), and a luxurious time flows in a chic room.

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“Charcoal”, which Mr. Ogawa calls his partner, appears. A deep aroma spreads throughout the store. “Nagasaki’s hirasu” with “Yame’s bamboo shoots” and “Oita’s rape blossoms”.

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Every movement from his fingertips is very delicate and beautiful, and the cooking progresses smoothly. It seems that the owner’s desire for customers to enjoy pairing the dishes with the cuisine of the season is reflected in the selection of carefully selected tableware.

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The specialty eel is prepared by cutting the eel live, and the grilling method varies depending on the quality of the eel. On this day, the soft skinned eel called “Shinko” from the osumi peninsula in kagoshima prefecture was used. The heat source of charcoal is the best condition for making the ingredients delicious, increasing the texture and flavor that incense, far infrared rays, and gas cannot bring out. This is where the true value of “Sumi and Ogawa” lies.

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A hot pot dish of “Anaguma” and “Neseri”. The clay pot is made by mr. Ippento Nakagawa, who has a good reputation.

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Plump rice from kumamoto Prefecture cooked in an earthenware pot. “Ranoo from oita prefecture” and “Kabayaki” are a perfect much. For a second helping of rice, add “Homemade mentaiko” and “Chirimen sansho”.

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For dessert, freshly made “Warabi mochi” is topped with “Caramel ice cream”. “Kuroan” is dainagon from hokkaido. The gradation stands out on the cross section of saint louis glass.

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Mr. Ogawa, who has experience in tea ceremony, says that the ultimate goal of the courses he puts together is to help you enjoy a delicious cup of matcha. The real pleasure of a full course tea ceremony, which is said to be a comprehensive art, is when the host invites several guests, including the official guest, prepares the charcoal, serves kaiseki and drinks, and deepens the interaction. These are all part of the process to enjoy a cup of matcha. “Please don’t worry too much about it and enjoy your meal.”, owner said with a refreshing smile, which left a very strong impression on me, and by the time we left, the customers who were with me had become close to each other like old friends. I think this is due to the personality of the owner, who cherishes once in a lifetime opportunities.

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5-2-5-3F Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 810-0801, JAPAN
Sumi and Ogawa