Kakiemon Sakaida

14th Kakiemon Sakaida 1934~2013

 14th Kakiemon Sakaida was born in Saga prefecture as the eldest son of 13th Kakiemon Sakaida.
Real name is Masashi.
After graduating Tama art university in 1958,
Went home and studied in the 12th Kakiemon and 13th Kakiemon.
Received the Issuikai chairman award in 1967.
Recommended to the regular members of the Japan craft association in 1971.
Named 14th Kakiemon Sakaida in 1982.
Inaugurated as the director of the Japan art association and chairman of the Kakiemon ceramics technology preservation society.
Received the title of the honorary citizen from San francisco, USA in 1983.
Received the Japan ceramic society award and the Saga governor award in 1984.
Received the Japan craft association encouragement award in 1986.
Inaugurated as the Issuikai ceramics club management committee in 1992.
Received the Japan craft association encouragement award.
Inaugurated as the honorary member of the International ceramics academy in 1993.
Inaugurated as the audit committee of the Traditional japan craft exhibition in 1994.
Inaugurated as the president of the Saga ceramic art association in 1997.
Received the Foreign minister commendation in 1998.
Inaugurated as the professor of the Kyushu sangyo university graduate school of arts in 1999.
Received the Minister of education award.
Inaugurated as the president of the Arita ceramics association in 2000.
Inaugurated as the principal of the Arita college of ceramics in 2001.
Certified as the Human national treasure in Overglaze polychrome enamel porcelain.
Received the Saga newspaper culture award.
Received the Order of the rising sun in 2005.
Received the title of the Arita town honorary citizen.
Inaugurated as the vice president of the Japan art association in 2006.
Received the West japan culture award in 2007.
While following the traditional techniques,
Have developed the unique style that adds modernity.

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