Kyusetsu Miwa

11th Kyusetsu Miwa(Jyusetsu) 1910~2012

 11th Kyusetsu Miwa was born in Yamaguchi prefecture as the third son of 9th Setsudo Miwa.
Real name is Sadao, and other names are Kyu and Kyusetsu and Jyusetsu.
After graduating Yamaguchi prefectural hagi junior high school in 1927,
Made pottery under brother, 10th Kyusetsu Miwa(Kyuwa).
Studied with Handeishi Kawakita at chitoseyama kiln in Tsu city, Mie prefecture in 1941,
Greatly affected in a short time.
Began to announce work under the name “Kyu” in 1955.
While supporting Miwa kiln as a subordinate, long years of about 30 years,
Did basic training such as figurine making.
“Kyu” is from the respect for my brother,
It is a name that means that both mental skills and being half-man of Kyusetsu.
Recommended to the regular members of the Japan craft association in 1960.
Received the Yamaguchi prefecture art culture promotion encouragement award in 1961.
Made the wark to be offered to the emperor in 1963.
Named 11th Kyusetsu Miwa in 1967.
Received the Chinese culture award in 1968.
Received the Yamaguchi prefecture award in 1970.
Inaugurated as the director of the Japan art association in 1972.
Certified as the Yamaguchi prefecture important intangible cultural property.
Received the Purple ribbon medal in 1976.
Inaugurated as the advisor of the Yamaguchi prefectural art museum in 1979.
Received the Order of the sacred treasure, gold rays with rosette in 1982.
Certified as the Human national treasure in Hagi ware in 1983.
Received the Order of the rising sun, gold rays with rosette in 1990.
Received the Yamaguchi prefecture art special achievement award in 2002.
After transfer the headship of the family to eldest son Ryosaku, Named Jyusetsu in 2003.
In the sense that was distinguished while inheriting the tradition of Hagi ware,
As something new to the traditional tea ceremony world,
Achieved the feat that became the Human national treasure with an unprecedented brother.
Establish unique Kyusetsu style at the top of the Japan traditional crafts association,
It inherits techniques and traditions to the present.
Starting with “Kyusetsu white” created with brother,
It is the work of art to say “Onihagi” and “Warikoudai”, which should be called Kyusetsu tea bowl.

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