Baccarat is a french crystal luxury brand. In 1764, King Louis XV of france granted permission to establish a glass factory in the village of baccarat in the lorraine region, and in 1816, crystal glass was manufactured for the first time. In 1860, it was officially registered as a trademark as “Baccarat.” Baccarat artisans take pride in the brand, strive for perfection, and transform it into a coveted object with their unique talent and passion. It takes about 15 years for a craftsman to be able to freely manipulate the properties of crystal, and baccarat has produced over 50 craftsmen who have received france’s M.O.F. There is also demand from the royal families of various countries. Even a single glass requires the skills and manufacturing time of many specialized craftsmen. Baccarat glasses are made of a material called “Full Red Crystal” and have strict quality standards, and the sound when played with your fingers is wonderful, and the color is as close to transparent as possible. Basically, there are no outlets because 30 to 40% of the products are discarded without being turned into products. The deep, pure brilliance and sparkle that attracts celebrities from all over the world, and the time and space you spend with baccarat will awaken your five senses.

We sell and purchase Baccarat

We have a physical shop in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, where we sell and purchase "Baccarat" works. Drawing on a long career and rich experience in dealing, we promise to provide the finest service in the best interests of our customers. With the main goal of pleasing our customers, we will serve you with the utmost sincerity and responsibility until we close the deal.