Fugu cuisine “Akagi”

Fugu cuisine “Akagi”


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“Akagi” is a fugu cuisine located in the downtown area of kajicho, kokurakita-ku, kitakyushu city, fukuoka prefecture. My deceased father was fond of sake and fish, and was the first to visit akagi every november. My father took me about 20 years ago, and i remember feeling like it was yesterday that there was such a delicious puffer fish in the world. A few hours before serving, the wild fugu is washed, cooled, and slammed against a cutting board to tighten. The thick fugu has an excellent texture.

Fragrant fin sake with condensed umami. It warms your body from the core. Plump and creamy milt.

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The famous grilled fugu. Chawanmushi with an elegant taste.

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Fugu hot pot with plump flesh. Rice porridge with plenty of rich soup stock.

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It has become a tradition in winter to have a meal together with a long standing customer at this restaurant every year. In a good way, it had an old fashioned warmth that is now being lost, and my father was looking forward to the conversation that would become a common hobby with the general in this homely atmosphere. It is cool to see the nearly 90 year old general working, and it seems that his motivation for his work and his sense of mission are the driving force. It is a long established store that kitakyushu is proud of, and it is a store that I love, filled with many memories of my father.

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Fugu cuisine “Akagi”
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