Nagasaki International University

Nagasaki International University


Nagasaki International University in Sasebo city, Nagasaki prefecture.
“Tea ceremony culture” is a compulsory subject at this university, and the japanese mind, japanese culture and customs are very important.

Students begin with an understanding of japanese culture and go through a complete curriculum.
At the final graduation tea ceremony, not only the owner and regular guests, but also the kaiseki dishes are all handmade by the students.

We also participate in the final graduation tea ceremony as a couple, but we are always learning a lot because we are impressed by the dignified behavior of the students and the beauty of etiquette.
Some students have advanced to the national polity in sports, and the sports are also excellent.

Having a culture of tea ceremony culture as a comprehensive art is a skill that can be proud of to the world as a japanese.
I recognize that it is made up of the president’s educational policy and the high aspirations of the tea ceremony professor.

“Dorayaki” made in commemoration of the chairman acting as a torch relay.
The logo of “Nagasaki International University” is written.
I will eat dorayaki hoping for the day when the corona will converge and I can participate in the tea ceremony.
Thank you always so much.