Rene Lalique


Rene Lalique 1860-1945

Rene Lalique was born in the small village of ay, in the champagne region of france.
In 1876, enrolled at the school of decorative arts in paris, where studied under the jeweler and goldsmith Louis Aucoc. Learned goldsmithing and decorative techniques, and studied at night at the school of decorative arts in paris.
Lived in england from 1878 to 1880, studying at Sydenham College.
From around 1882, worked as a freelance goldsmith, jewelry designer, and graphic artist, and in 1885 set up the atelier in place vendome in paris. Primarily designed high end accessories for women, and supplied work to famous jewelers such as cartier. Sarah Bernhardt, a major international actress from france, is one of their customers, and with the support of cultural figures, production activities get back on track.
From around 1892, glass was used as a part of the material for jewelry, but it was not until fashion trends shifted from voluminous clothing to styles that emphasized simple lines that glass crafts became a serious pursuit. This is because the demand for jewelry with flashy decorations has decreased.
In 1897, received the Legion of Honor.
In 1900, innovative jewelry attracted great attention and fame at the Paris Exposition.
Around 1905, lalique jewelry declined in popularity, and critics showered it with negative reviews.
In 1908, designed perfume bottles and labels for coty. Packing and selling perfume in elegantly designed bottles was an innovative attempt. Rented(and later purchased)a glass factory in con la ville, east of paris, and began producing glass crafts in earnest.
In 1912, after holding the exhibition of jewelry, devoted himself to the production of glass crafts. Worked on perfume bottles, vases, table clocks, tableware, accessories, etc, and from around the 1920s regained his status as a popular artist with glass.
In 1918, construction began on a new factory in vingin sur modere in alsace, which was completed around 1922.
From the 1920s to the 1930s, Lalique was responsible for the interior decoration of luxury cruise ships and the orient express, and expanded into a variety of fields, including the decoration of restaurants, hotels, and mansions, as well as stained glass and fountains. Many car mascots were created, including chevrolet, jaguar, and rolls royce.
It played a part in art nouveau, which was highly decorative in pursuit of artistry, and art deco, which was based on simple geometric compositions that followed the trends of the times.

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