Koju Nishioka


Koju Nishioka 1917~2006

Kojyu Nishioka was born in Karatsu city, Saga prefecture.
The real name is called Satoru.
Excavation survey of old karatsu kiln started from around 1953.
1969 Deepen friendship with Fujio Koyama.
1971 Under the guidance of Fujio Koyama, opened “Kojiro kiln”.
1976 Toyozo Arakawa comes to the kiln.
1980 Kei Fujiwara comes to the kiln.
1981 Succeeded in restoring “Emadara karatsu”.
Opened “Kojyu kiln” by Toyozo Arakawa’s name.
1983 Succeeded in restoring “Kairagi karatsu”.
1999 Opened Kaga karatsu “Tatsunokuchi kiln” in Ishikawa prefecture.
Certain technical skills backed by careful research on old pottery
also attracts world-renowned ceramics researcher, Fujio Koyama,
He said, “the god of the old karatsu that knows everything about karatsu ware”.
Toyozo Arakawa described it as “Nishioka who is familiar with karatsu ware is wonderful”.
It has established a solid position as a leading figure of modern karatsu ware.

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