Hiroshi Nakashima


Hiroshi Nakashima 1941-2018

Hiroshi Nakashima was born in saga prefecture.
In 1969, opened the kiln on the yumino ancient kiln site and became independent.
In1976, received the Minister of Education Award at the Kyushu Yamaguchi Ceramic Exhibition.
In 1977, received the Encouragement Award at the Japan Traditional Craft Exhibition.
In 1981, received the Prime Minister’s Award at the Western Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition.
In 1983, received the Japan Ceramics Society Award.
In 1990, recognized as the Saga Prefecture Important Intangible Cultural Property.
In 1995, published the collection of essays, “Yumino Shiki Glaze – The World of Hiroshi Nakashima -“.
In 1996, received the MOA Mokichi Okada Award, Kei Fujiwara Memorial Award, Saga Shimbun Culture Award.
In 2005, received the NHK Chairman Award.
In 2006, received the Japan Ceramics Society Gold Award, West Japan Culture Award.
In 2007, recognized as the holder(Living National Treasure) of the Important Intangible Cultural Property “Celadon”.
He is a leading figure in the world of celadon, representing the japanese ceramics world, and his original works called “Nakashima Celadon” and “Nakashima Blue” have received high acclaim, and he pursued the world of modeling obtained from chinese bronze ware.

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