Yuki Hayama


Yuki Hayama 1961-

Yuki Hayama was born in saga prefecture.
In 1975, studied at the potter in arita of saga prefecture.
In 1985, opened the “Yuki Hayama Kiln” in takeo city, saga prefecture.
In 1990, held the first solo exhibition at the ANA Hotel Fukuoka.
In 1991, held the “Yuki Hayama Exhibition, World of Minute Painting” at the Tokyo American Club.
Exhibited at the Uraku(Yurakucho Mullion)Main gallery.
In 1998, held the exhibition at the O・A・G Tokyo German Cultural Center.
In 2004, lectured “Transition of Pattern” at the Fukuoka International Forum.
In 2005, published the “Melody of Poetic Thoughts:A Collection of Yuki Hayama’s Works” by Shin Nippon Kyoiku Tosho.
In 2007, held the “A Pattern Odyssey YUKI HAYAMA Exhibition” at the Spiral Garden(Tokyo).
Published the “A Pattern Odyssey 4.5 million year journey through pattern”.
Held the “Yuki Hayama Exhibition Ceramic Stories” at the Design Museum in Helsinki, Finland.
Created the work while staying at the Arabian Kiln Art Department of Iittala, Finland.
In 2008, Published the picture book “The Girl Who Became a Fish”.
Published the novel “Ripples of Myth – Glass and Sword -“.
Held the “150th Anniversary of Japan – France Friendship Exhibition” at the Yokohama Yamate Western Museum.
In 2009, Participated in German Optical Equipment Eschenbach Products.
In 2010, published literary book “Flying Dangobug”.
In 2012, published short story “Seed Collection”.
With a unique historical and worldview based on the roots of ceramics and patterns, pursue overwhelming beauty with unparalleled detail and depiction that is said to be unprecedented. He has received high praise not only in japan but also overseas, and has also written picture books and novels as an author.