Zengoro Eiraku

16th Zengoro Eiraku(Sokuzen) 1917~1998

 16th Zengoro Eiraku was born in Kyoto as the eldest son of 15th Zengoro Eiraku(Syozen).
Real name is Moichi, and other names are Zengoro and Sokuzen.
Entered Kyoto city school of arts and crafts in 1930,
Because father died in 1932,
Left the school in 1933.
Named 16th Zengoro Eiraku in 1935.
Jyoyama kiln was built in the Oiso jyoyama mansion of Takamine Mitsui in 1936,
Went to pottery until 1945.
Published the series of the Tale of genji in 1958.
This is due to the influence of Yoshinori Yoshizawa of Kyoto university in 1952.
Joined the Kyoto traditional ceramics association and became president in 1960.
Received another name “Tounenken” from Omotesenke 13th Sokucyusai in 1971.
Received the Kyoto prefecture cultural merit award in 1983.
Received the award from Ministry of education as the Region person of cultural merit in 1985.
Received the award as the Kyoto city person of cultural merit in 1986.
Received the Fifth class order of the sacred treasure in 1990.
Received the Kyoto prefecture cultural award special achievement award in 1992.
After transfer the headship of the family to eldest son Koichi, Named Sokuzen in 1998.
Held the Sensyokai by Senke jisshoku and worked vigorously in the tea pottery world.
The works are mainly brilliant and traditional tea pottery, such as underglaze blue, overglaze polychrome enamel, gold painted porcelain, kouchi , syonzui.
The tale of genji is the special piece that combines the world of literature with ceramics.