Put Flowers in the Iron Boat-shaped Vase

Put Flowers in the Iron Boat-shaped Vase


Shiho Yokokawa-2

Shiho Yokokawa-3

Iron Boat-shaped Vase

Flowers:Cymbidium goeringii

Vase:Iron Boat-shaped Vase(Jyomi Nagoshi)

Cymbidium goeringii is one of the four gentlemen and was widely loved by writers.
I think it is a flower that suits spring, which invites important customers.

Shiho Yokokawa

Born in Tokyo.
Studied under Toshiro Kawase since 2005.
“Nageire Flower Class” is held in various places.
https://nageire.jimdofree.com/(External Link)

March of departure and graduation to send out loved ones.
The farewell party is likely to be canceled this year due to the corona vortex.
Cymbidium goeringii put in the Iron Boat-shaped Vase with the meaning of “new departure”.
My heart was tightened in front of this noble appearance.
I would like to move on to a new season with the flower words “dignity” and “innocence” in my heart.


Photography:Akira Eto