• Early-Imari DishEarly-Imari Dish
  • Old-Kutani DishOld-Kutani Dish
  • Old-Kakiemon DishOld-Kakiemon Dish
  • Old-Kakiemon DishOld-Kakiemon Dish
  • Nabeshima DishNabeshima Dish
  • Nabeshima DishNabeshima Dish
  • E-Garatsu DishE-Garatsu Dish
  • Madaragaratsu Water ContainerMadaragaratsu Water Container
  • Oribe Bowl(Rosanjin Kitaoji)Oribe Bowl(Rosanjin Kitaoji)
  • Jar(Yuki Hayama)Jar(Yuki Hayama)


Shitsurai Proposition

We have a track record of cooperation in exhibiting works by companies, museums, and restaurants.
Improving the quality of the space that invites important customers enhances the brand value of the company and is also an expression of hospitality.
Based on the four seasons, prayers, and gratitude, we promise the best proposals according to your budget.


Planned Exhibitions



  • firstCLASS
  • 月刊はかた(2021年12月号)
  • 月刊はかた(2018年8月号)
  • 月刊はかた(2018年5月号)
  • 月刊はかた(2018年3月号)