Nigoshide Vase with Design of Camellia(14th Kakiemon Sakaida)

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It is the excellent work that is colored by the popular camellia design on soft nigoshide. Characterized by its rich form and well balanced composition, its dignified and graceful appearance has a solitary presence that tightens the space.

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14th Kakiemon Sakaida
Living National Treasure
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Wooden Box with Artist's Sign
Cloth with Artist's Sign
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It is in good condition.

14th Kakiemon Sakaida 1934-2013

14th Kakiemon Sakaida was born in Saga prefecture as the eldest son of 13th Kakiemon Sakaida.
Real name is Masashi.
In 1958, after graduating from Tama Art University, department of japanese painting, went home and studied pottery under the 12th Kakiemon and 13th Kakiemon.
In 1967, received the Issuikai Chairman Award.
In 1971, inaugurated as the Regular Members of the Japan Kogei Association.
In 1982, succeeded to the 14th Kakiemon Sakaida. Inaugurated as the Director of the Japan Kogei Association and President of the Kakiemon Pottery Technique Preservation Society.
In 1983, received the Award as the Honorary Citizen by San Francisco, USA.
In 1984, received the Japan Ceramics Society Award and Saga Governor Award.
In 1986, received the Japan Kogei Association Encouragement Award.
In 1992, inaugurated as the Issuikai Ceramic Art Club Steering Committee. Received the Japan Kogei Association Encouragement Award.
In 1993, inaugurated as the Honorary Member of the International Ceramics Academy.
In 1994, inaugurated as the Audit Committee of the Japan Traditional Craft Exhibition.
In 1997, inaugurated as the Chairman of the Saga Prefecture Pottery Association.
In 1998, received the Foreign Minister’s Commendation.
In 1999, inaugurated as the Full time Professor, Graduate School of Arts, Kyushu Sangyo University. Received the Minister of Education’s Commendation.
In 2000, inaugurated as the Chairman of the Arita Ceramic Art Association.
In 2001, inaugurated as the Principal of the Arita College of Ceramics. Certified as the Human National Treasure in Overglaze Porcelain. Received the Saga Shimbun Cultural Award.
In 2005, received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon. Received the award as the Arita Town Honorary Citizen.
In 2006, inaugurated as the Vice Director of the Japan Kogei Association.
In 2007, received the West Japan Culture Award.
While following traditional techniques, he has developed the unique style that incorporates modernity, and left a great mark as the modern kakiemon master craftsman.