Nigoshide Vase with Flower design(13th Kakiemon Sakaida)


This is the sister work created for the human national treasure new exhibition.Flower design drawn in exquisite margins creates an elegant atmosphere,There is spirit and rigor in the work.

13th Kakiemon
General Holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property
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Own Wooden Box
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『Modern Ceramics Volume 9』、Kodansha、P47,No32.
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The heyday of Kakiemon style nigoshide was a technique developed for export to Europe.
It can be said that it is the ultimate craft in the history of Imari.
Established as the highest quality white porcelain base in the Kakiemon style.
After the 18th century, In addition to the drastic decline in porcelain exports, Nigoshide will also stop,
12th Kakiemon Sakaida and 13th Kakiemon Sakaida successfully recovered the Nigoshide in 1953.
It was the ultimate achievement and feat suitable for decorating the late years of the 12th.

13th Kakiemon Sakaida 1906~1982

13th Kakiemon Sakaida was born in Saga prefecture as the eldest son of 12th Kakiemon Sakaida.
Real name is Shibuo.
Graduated from Arita technology institute in 1924.
Succeeded in the reconstruction of the Nigoshide with father in 1953.
The technology of “Kaiemon” is from the Cultural properties protection committee,
Received selection as an intangible cultural property in 1955.
Named 13th Kakiemon Sakaida in 1963.
Inaugurated as the judge of the Issuikai.
Inaugurated as the regular members of the Japan craft association in 1964.
Received the title of the Saga cultural merit in 1966.
The Kakiemon technology was certified as the Saga prefecture important intangible cultural property.
Nigoshide box with flower design was purchased by the Imperial household agency.
Certified as the Saga prefecture important intangible cultural property in 1967.
Made the Nigoshide A pair of calabash style jar to the Imperial new palace in 1969.
Inaugurated as the chairman of the Saga ceramic art association in 1970.
Nigoshide jar with chrysanthemum and bird exhibited was purchased by the Ministry of foreign affairs,
Exhibited at the Japan pavilion in Sao paulo.
The 13th chairman and 11 senior engineers will establish the Kakiemon ceramics technology preservation society in 1971.
This is the division of labor from the preparation of the substrate to the completion of the work,
It is the organization that aims to preserve the technology of creating works with traditional Nigoshide.
The technique of “Nigoshide” by the Technology preservation society has been certified as the General holder of Important intangible cultural property.
Nigoshide bowl with grass design was purchased by the Imperial household agency.
Made the tableware to be offered to the Crown prince’s palace.
Nigoshide dish with bird design was purchased by the Ministry of foreign affairs.
Received the Purple ribbon medal in 1972.
Made the Nigoshide jar plum design to the reception hall in 1974.
ceramic wall of Saga prefectural office prefectural inhabitant hall.
Received the West japan culture award in 1975.
Nigoshide bowl with flower design and Nigoshide jar with camellia design was purchased by the Agency for cultural affairs.
Kakiemon ceramics technology preservation society was certified as the technology holding organization in 1976.
Received the Order of the sacred treasure, gold rays with rosette in 1978.
Received the title of the Arita town honorary citizen in 1982.
The 13th generation who aimed at the establishment of the new kakiemon,
Dissatisfied with the policy of the stubborn father who keeps keeping the tradition,
It is also famous for the fact that there was no constant fighting between parents and children due to differences in direction.
In order to create the modern style kakiemon based on the craftsmanship inherited from father,
Deepen interaction with people in all fields such as japanese painter, sculptor, actor, politician, businessmen,
Built the new frontier that incorporates modern and unique new design.
Going to hills and fields all over the country, leaving the huge amount of sketches,
The design was drawn on the nigoshide foundation.
The evaluation of the artist Kakiemon has become unmovable with the appearance of 13th Kakiemon.