Chestnut(Painting・Kazuki Yasuo)


It is a collaboration between Yasuo Kazuki and 12th Tobei Tahara.Chestnuts are drawn with an exquisite compositional feeling.

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Artist(Painting)Yasuo Kazuki
Artist(Pottery)12th Tobei Tahara
Yamaguchi designated intangible cultural property
Mouth diameter20.1cm
DependentOwn wood box(There is dirt)
「Yasuo Kazuki Appraisal registration association」Appraisal registration certificate(2-256)
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Yasuo Kazuki

Yasuo Kazuki was born in Nagato city, Yamaguchi prefecture, as the son of a doctor.
At an early age my parents divorced and were raised by a strict grandfather.
Graduated from Yamaguchi prefectural otsu junior high school and Kawabata art school.
1931 Entered Tokyo art school and studied at Takeji Fujishima.
1936 After graduating from Tokyo art school,
Became an art teacher at Hokkaido kutchan junior high School.
After that, Transferred to Yamaguchi prefectual shimonoseki minami high school.
1942 Called in the Pacific war and goes to Manchuria.
1945 Detained by the Soviet union.
Forced to work in the Seyar camp in the Krasnoyarsk district of Siberia.
This experience has become the subject of subsequent works.
1947 Returned to Yamaguchi prefectual shimonoseki minami high school after the Siberian detention.
1948 Transferred to Yamaguchi prefectural otsu high school.
1960 Retired from Yamaguchi prefectural otsu high school and spent some time concentrating on creative activities.
1966 Became a chief professor of oil painting department, faculty of arts, Kyushu sangyo university.
1969 Received the Japan art award for the “Siberian Series”.
1993 The Misumi town Kazuki art museum has been opened.
2005 Misumi town merged and renamed “Kazuki Yasuo art museum”.
The works held by Yasuo until late years and the restored atelier are on display.
Pursuing production and original matiere based on human insight.