Usuzumi Sumihazhiki Vase with Snow design(14th Imaemon Imaizumi)


A variety of snow designs(Snow circles and Crystals), such as background designs, Sumihazhiki, and Overglaze polychrome enamel, combined with the Usuzumi with gradation, Show an excellent design.A clear and cool snow design is also preferred in summer.

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Artist14th Imaemon Imaizumi
Human national treasure
Mouth diameter3.8cm
Bottom diameter7.1cm
DependentOwn wood box、Own cloth、Bookmark of the author
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14th Imaemon Imaizumi 1962~

 14th Imaemon Imaizumi was born in Saga prefecture as the second son of 13th Imaemon Imaizumi.
Real name is Masato.
Graduated from Musashino art university in 1985.
Studied in Osamu Suzuki in 1988.
Studied Color nabeshima under father in 1990.
Received the Governor award at the Saga art exhibition in 1996.
Received the Issuikai chairman award at the Issuikai ceramic art exhibition.
Inaugurated as the curator of the Imaemon ancient ceramic museum.
Received at the Izushi porcelain triennale in 1997.
Received the Kagoshima broadcasting station award at the Western craft exhibition.
Received the Issuikai chairman award at the Issuikai ceramic art exhibition in 1998.
Received the Saga bank cultural foundation new face award.
Received the Japan craft association president award at the Japan traditional craft exhibition.
Inaugurated as the regular members of the Japan craft association.
Received the Saga newspaper culture encouragement prize.
Named 14th Imaemon Imaizumi in 2002.
Inaugurated as the chairman of the Color nabeshima imaemon technology preservation society.
Received the Member excellence award at the Issuikai ceramic art exhibition.
Received the Tokyo governor award at the Japan traditional craft exhibition in 2004.
Received the MOA Mokichi Okada excellence award in 2008.
Received the Purple ribbon medal in 2009.
Inaugurated as the director of the Japan art association in 2010.
Recommended to the secretary general of the Japan craft association western branch in 2012.
Received the Japan ceramics society award and the Saga newspaper award.
Inaugurated as the chairman of the Arita ceramic art association in 2014.
Certified as the Human national treasure in Overglaze polychrome enamel.
Bring the new breeze to the “Sumihazhiki” that has been passed down since the Edo period,
By adding platinum, Actively engaged in the pursuit of modern Color nabeshima.


 Sumihazhiki is a decorative technique for drawing a white design on the underglaze blue area.
When you draw the design with ink on a baked base,
The part drawn with ink is repelled.
When glazed and baked, the ink melts at a high temperature and white lines and designs appear.

“Personal work” and “Artisan work”

 14th Imaemon Imaizumi created own artwork”Personal work”,
Other works are classified as“artisan works”.
Personal work is engraved, Artisan work is underglaze blue,
And Imaemon’s engraving is well received.