Born child(Satoshi Yabuuchi)


Bronze by genius sculptor Satoshi Yabuuchi.Contrary to the birth of the Buddha, who raised right hand, child raised left hand, This expresses the “rising up” of the performance graph that grows in the upper right direction when viewed from the front.

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ArtistSatoshi Yabuuchi
DependentOwn wood box
Limited number88
Production year2003
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Satoshi Yabuuchi 1953~

 Satoshi Yabuuchi was born in Osaka.
Graduated from Tokyo university of the arts in 1978.
Graduated from Tokyo university of the arts graduate school in 1980.
From 1982 to 1987,
Worked as the research assistant at Tokyo university of the arts graduate school of fine arts conservation and restoration technology.
Studying classical techniques and restoration techniques of ancient art such as buddha statues,
Involved in the restoration of the New yakushiji jizo statue and the Heirinji juroku rakan statue.
Started activities as the sculptor in 1987.
Received the Hyogo prefectural museum of modern art award at the Kobe suma rikyu park contemporary sculpture exhibition in 1988.
Received the Ube industries award at the Contemporary japanese sculpture exhibition in 1997.
Received the denchu Hirakushi award in 2003.
Inaugurated as the Department of conservation and restoration,
Tokyo university of the arts graduate school of fine arts professor of sculpture in 2004.
Announced the official mascot “Sento kun” commemorating the 1300th anniversary of the transition to Heijo in 2008.
Formed the Masquerade “Heisei gigakudan”.
Through wood sculpture works that make use of reliable technology based on experience in preservation and restoration of cultural properties,
The fantasy world filled with humor and ecstasy attracts viewers and never stops.
Make many bronze works besides wood sculpture,
Expanding our activities both outdoors and in public spaces.