Shigaraki Dish with Lotus design(Morihiro Hosokawa)


It is the shigaraki lotus dish of the former prime minister Morihiro Hosokawa.
The scenery of the glaze melted well in the exquisite form is beautiful, and this work was announced at a solo exhibition in 2018.Not only domestically, but also highly evaluated overseas.

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ArtistMorihiro Hosokawa
DependentOwn wood box、Own cloth
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Morihiro Hosokawa 1938~

 Morihiro Hosokawa was born in Tokyo as the eldest son of Morisada Hosokawa.
Other name is Futo.
After graduating Faculty of law in 1963, Joined the Asahi shimbun company.
Left the Asahi shimbun company in 1968.
Elected to the House of councilors for the first time in 1971.
Inaugurated as the Governor of kumamoto prefecture in 1983.
Formed the Japan new party in 1992.
Re elected to the House of councilors.
Elected to the House of representatives for the first time in 1993.
Inaugurated as the 79th Prime minister.
Resigned as the Prime minister in 1994.
Retired from the politics on the 60th birthday in 1998,
Retired from the Futoan in Yugawara, Kanagawa prefecture, which was grandmother’s house.
The tea room “Ichiyatei” in the corner of the Futoan was built in a month,
Derived from the overnight castle of Hideyoshi Toyotomi.
Inspired by the ceramic art exhibition of Masako Shirasu’s son in law, held in Ginza.
Studied ceramics for about one year and a half under Shiro Tsujimura in Nara Prefecture.
Currently holding a solo exhibition while working in the field in fine weather and reading at home in rainy weather,
Not only in Japan but also overseas.
As the 18th generation Hosokawa family,
Serves as the chairman of the foundation, Eisei bunko museum, which holds and displays the collections of the Hosokawa family.