Makie Tea caddy with Wind god design(6th Kinsa Kawabata)


This is the special work near 6th Kinsa Kawabata.It has the best quality and the highest quality box.

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Artist6th Kinsa Kawabata
DependentDouble box(Own wood box、Paint box)、Own cloth
Omotesenke14th Jimyosai Appraisal box
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6th Kinsa Kawabata 1947~

 6th Kinsa Kawabata was born in Osaka prefecture as the eldest son of 5th Kinsa Kawabata.
Graduated from Osaka city kogei high school department of fine arts in 1966.
Graduated from Kyoto city university of arts in 1970.
Named 6th Kinsa Kawabata in 2000.

Omotesenke14th Jimyosai 1938~

 Omotesenke14th Jimyosai was born as the eldest son of omotesenke13th Sokucyusai.
Real name is Shinichiro(later Soin, Sousa), and other names are Jimyosai and Sotan.
Received another name “Jimyosai” from Daitokuji 512th Sonen Komei in 1967.
Named Omotesenke14th Schoolmaster in 1980.
Held 400 deaths of Rikyu in 1990.
Received the award as the Kyoto city person of cultural merit in 2008.