Harumi baccarat Bowl


It is a Harumi baccarat produced as a special order item.Sharp and delicately engraved ritual patterns emit countless beautiful glitter and are useful as bowl, tea utensils.

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PeriodFirst half of the 20th century
Mouth diameter17.8cm
Bottom diameter8.2cm
DependentOwn wood box
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Harumi baccarat

 The history of the relationship between Baccarat and Japan began in 1901 when Gensaburo Yasuda, who had been dealing with watches and jewelry, gave baccarat crystals to Harumi stores third generation Tojiro Harumi as a european souvenir.
Tojiro is fascinated by the outstanding cut and gold color, and began to import baccarat products from around 1904 and provided it to many tea people, but the standard of import price at that time was a huge price that corresponds to one house and a large bowl.
Even Harumi Stores, which has Mitsui and Sumitomo as its customers, was not easy to sell.
The baccarat product, which was designed to fit a large room, is not suitable for japanese narrow tea rooms, and he has designed tea utensils and kaiseki utensils and ordered it as a “Harumi favorite”.
Even though it has a unique capital power in the country, the courage and foresight of having made special orders for foreign countries far away is astonishing.
The technology and high-level design of baccarat craftsmen, who have beautifully expressed the aesthetics of Harumi stores with high-quality crystal glass, still attracts many people.
In recent years, it has been reprinted as “Heisei’s harumi favorite” at baccarat.