Red Fuji(Hirosuke Tasaki)


Red Fuji is a phenomenon that appears red in the early morning from late summer to early autumn.It is auspicious because it can only be seen for a limited time during a short period of the year.Red fuji is painted in vivid colors, And his work in the last years has been highly evaluated by the Hirosuke Tasaki appraisal committee (Kimiko Sakamoto).

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ArtistHirosuke Tasaki
Recipient of cultural medal
Canvas size3F
Picture frame size(Vertical)35.8×(Width)41.1cm
CategoryOil painting on canvas
Dependent「Hirosuke Tasaki Appraisal registration association」Appraisal registration certificate(K02201)
「Younosuke Tasaki」Subject seal(No.4-20)
「Hirosuke Tasaki Appraisal association」Appraisal certificate(NO.SH902045)
Picture frame
Cloth box
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