Bizen Sake bottle(Rokuro Nakamura)


There is not a lot of wasteful forms, Well balanced mouth structures, Sesame and rice cake dumpling found on exquisite baked skin, And sake bottle with a high degree of completion so far.The advantage of this sake bottle is that it is comfortable to use.The value is demonstrated in the deep and relaxed work.

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ArtistRokuro Nakamura
The liquor contains about 320ml
Mouth diameter3.6cm
Bottom diameter7.0×6.5cm
DependentOwn wood box、Bookmark of the author
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Rokuro Nakamura 1914~2004

 Rokuro Nakamura was born in Okayama prefecture.
Worked for a company until the end of the war,
Made pottery under the Toyo Kaneshige since.
Made “Rokuro kiln” and became independent in 1961.
Certified as the Traditional craftsman in 1986.
Received the Okayama nichinichi newspaper award.
Received the Order of the rising sun, green paulownia medal in 1989.
Known as the bottomless drinker who loved to drink alcohol,
There is a charm that makes you feel the freedom of the soul.
The unpainted personality who knew the heart of the drinker is directly reflected in the work,
As the “Rokuro of sake bottle”, he is the first master in the making of sake containers.