Wind of TENPYO(2)

Wind of TENPYO(2)


This time, I would like to introduce Mr. Hiroshi Sakaguchi, who worked for TENPYODO for about two years.
Mr.Sakaguchi is doing Instagram under the name “small.object”.
It was the first time I met my father as a customer when I was 19 years old, and I have been with him for the last 20 years.
The first impression is that he is young, but very polite and enthusiastic (in a good way),
I thought.

His home is close to TENPYODO, so he often visited the shop on his days off.
Hizen porcelain centered around Old-kutani and Kakiemon is collected from a unique perspective.
As for his specialty, he has an excellent memory that no one can beat him.

Mr.Sakaguchi bought it without hesitation when he encountered a work that was suitable for aesthetics.
He was a manly person who spends most of his monthly income on art (laughs).
When I was young as my father’s secretary, I was surprised and impressed by Mr. Sakaguchi’s overwhelming passion for art.

Many years have passed since these encounters, and as I became closer to Mr.Sakaguchi, I made a decision at a certain timing.
When I consulted with him, “Would you please help TENPYODO?”
After considering it for a few days, we received a pleasant reply and we will support the store together.
Mr.Sakaguchi has a serious personality that is inflexible and has a strong sense of responsibility.
He works too hard and he sometimes puts a strain on him.

My elderly father lived a short distance from the store.
Mr.Sakaguchi thought of my father who would walk home from time to time for the sake of his health, so that he would not be involved in a traffic accident or trouble on his way home.
He is a kind person who sees my father and then returns to his own home.
When I heard this story, my father’s son, I, reflected.
He has a beautiful heart that allows him to take action naturally when he sees an elderly person walking on a pedestrian crossing.

There were many fans who had a deep knowledge of their favorite antique art and nominated Mr.Sakaguchi at TENPYODO.
He was very kind to our customers.
At that time, I moved from Kokura to Fukuoka, and my father died three months later, so he supported me. I will never forget the kindness of this time.

He left TENPYODO due to commuting distance and family issues, but he still cares about me very much.
I haven’t been able to work with Mr.Sakaguchi for a long time, I learned a lot about being a human being and kindness.
I think I was able to spend a deep time that I couldn’t say in words.
It may be Mr. Sakaguchi who taught me how art works are so fascinating.
We pray for the further development of Mr.Sakaguchi.
Please come and see us once in a while.


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This column(Wind of TENPYO)is a thank you to the people involved in TENPYODO.